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Introducing Rogue case reviews

15 Jul , 2018 Debate

We’ve always believed that debate should be open and accessible. That’s why we’re happy to introduce a Rogue case review program! This program is available for free to all Stoa and NCFCA students. We’ve¬†created a specific page that outlines the details of the program. From the outset, we want to address the biggest concern of […]

Breaking Down a Winning Extemp Speech

3 Jun , 2018 Extemp,Speech

Breaking Down a Winning Extemp Speech

A top-ranked extemp speech has several essential elements. This template for a winning extemp speech has been used with great success. This guide was originally written by Connor Meyers, the top-ranked extemp speaker in Washington in the 2017-18 season. It has been edited for clarity. The Intro AGD – Attention Getting Device Analogous Story, Joke, […]