Introducing Rogue case reviews

15 Jul , 2018 Debate

We’ve always believed that debate should be open and accessible. That’s why we’re happy to introduce a Rogue case review program! This program is available for free to all Stoa and NCFCA students. We’ve¬†created a specific page that outlines the details of the program. From the outset, we want to address the biggest concern of […]

Rogue case lists for 2018-19 now online!

4 Jun , 2018 2018-19 season,Debate

Rogue case lists for 2018-19 now online!

Case lists enhance the educational value of debate by enabling strong clash between both sides. They help debaters research and gather the facts. Links to our case lists can be accessed from our Resources page, and also here: Stoa TP (Apply for access Anyone is allowed to view our case lists after a simple application. […]