The Rogues is a paradigm-shifting speech and debate club. Our area of focus is limited prep and debate.

The Rogues started in 2015 when three brothers started coaching themselves for speech and debate. Today, The Rogues is one of Washington’s premier speech and debate clubs, with a consistently strong showing at all tournaments.

The Rogues is different from other clubs, and we’re proud to be a unique and close-knit team. We believe that personal improvement is more important than personal ranking. We prioritize education rather than competitive placings. We try to make all decisions with these value choices in mind.

The Rogues engages with some of Washington’s best alumni to help us achieve a well-rounded mastery of communication and reasoning. We also have good working relationships with other competitors and teams that enable us to build each other up.

The Rogues is a unique club, focused on personal excellence and strong team spirit. We’ve established ourselves as one of Washington’s strongest clubs on the competitive scene, and we don’t plan to stop anytime soon. Thanks for taking the time to check us out.